Summer vacation gone in the blink of an eye


by Jeff Barnwell
Eagle Staff

Summer vacation provides students with ample time to do just about anything they please.

What more could we ask for than three almost completely schoolwork-free months to spend with our friends?

Whether it be vacationing in or out of the country, or just relaxing at the house, students are sure to spend their summer doing the things that they enjoy most.

When it comes to out of the country travel, few students can top senior Jason Long’s two week trip to China.

When asked what he enjoyed most, Long said, “No doubt the food. There’s nothing like real Chinese food 24/7 for two straight weeks.”

Long, known for his amazing table tennis skills, said that he made sure to bring along his famed ping-pong paddle with hopes of gaining further experience for this year’s tournament.

“I’m determined to reclaim the title of Tournament Champion, and I have no doubt that I will show O’Neill who’s boss,” Long said.

The list of impressive trips continues with senior Davi Perez and his 10-day soccer excursion to England with his travel team, the Flying Eagles.

Perez said that when he left for England mid-summer, he was determined to, “Show them how it’s done in Texas.”

Perez also said that, “most of them didn’t like us because we were American, but we didn’t care.”

Unfortunately, his team did not do as well as planned; they left with a record of 2-2.

“The English like to play fast and rough, and we don’t know much about that,” said Perez on his team’s performance.

Also popular was the summer camp scene, which continues to be among the favorite summer activities.

Senior Peyton Wilson has attended Camp Ozark since he was eleven, and proves to be one of St. Thomas’ leading summer camp aficionados.

“I guarantee I can sing more camp songs than anyone else in this school,” Wilson said. “I continue to attend camp despite my age because I’m really still a kid at heart and I just love the atmosphere that the camp fires and the wilderness bring.”

Wilson’s younger freshman brother, Mason, attends Camp Ozark as well.

“I look forward to those two weeks with my big brother all year long,” Mason said. “I can hardly imagine going without him next year.”

Other students chose to make use of their three months of freedom by working, as did senior Eric Martin, who continued his job at the Pappas Burger restaurant on Westheimer.

Senior Straton Gill can be seen making pizza at Achille Express Italian Cafe on Eldridge.

Gill acquired his job mid-summer and has thoroughly enjoyed it; he has even decided to keep working during the school year.

“I make a lot of dough,” Gill said. “My secret is all in the herbs and spices.”

His personal favorite is the Achille Special, and he prefers the pepperoni pizza to the sausage. Gill said that he also adds a, “special ingredient” for familiar faces.

Gill believes his job provides a source of income, along with valuable experience.

Students make wise use of their summer vacation in various ways. Some prefer to work, others to travel, while still others choose to stay in Houston.

Regardless of the path chosen, all students are sure to enjoy their vacation before the next school year begins.