Underage drinking accidents easy to prevent


by Josh Bannon
Eagle Editorial Board

Underage drinking has always been a prevalent issue in American society, especially in recent years.

Whether its blacking out at parties or simply downing a few with friends at their mom’s house, around three quarters of minors have had experiences with alcohol before they finish high school, according to Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD).

However, almost four quarters of minors have heard countless talks and attended several programs aimed at deterring underage drinking, something students are especially familiar with.

These programs and talks usually entail specifics of why not to drink and utilize mortality and accident statistics, but most never advise on how exactly you can stay safe after someone becomes intoxicated.

The program presented to freshmen, Conversations That Count, is a rare exception to this and includes “conversations” with parents and seniors who have both real-life experience and wisdom to share.

While I do not condone underage drinking at all and indeed recognize it as both illegal and stupid, I do believe that there are a lot of people who make the wrong choice and indulge in it.

Underage drinking should definitely be warned against but, ultimately, the outcome of an individual’s actions will be between them, God and sometimes the local police department.

Because as minors we are never really advised on what to do in such a situation, and because of my sincere interest in everyone’s safety, I have compiled a short list of measures to take to ensure someone does not do anything stupid or have a freak accident while under the influence. Though I am not at all implying that students partake in alcohol consumption in their free time, these will be useful to keep in mind.

One of the biggest disasters that is associated with alcohol is drunk driving accidents, which claim over 10,000 lives a year in the United States, according to SADD.

This is a quite serious issue, considering minors are far from professional drivers even when sober, which places innocent lives in danger as well as that of the drinker.

These accidents can easily be avoided if, rather than driving home from a late-night party, you take the person’s keys and put them in a cab. The Yellow Cab Houston Taxi Service is just a phone call away and is both professional and cheap, not that money should matter when it comes down to life and death.

During the cab ride home it is advisable not have the impulse to go hang out around town, seeing as it is very likely the person might land themselves in jail.

Take, for example, the title character of everyone’s favorite sophomore year theology class movie: Cool Hand Luke. Luke gets caught by a cop while cutting the heads off of parking meters while drunk, and he gets shipped to a prison in the middle of nowhere.

While at said prison, Luke spends his time hitting grass on the side of the road with a sharp stick, eating inordinate amounts of eggs in one sitting and is forced to listen to a fully grown man with an annoyingly high-pitched voice armed with equally annoying one-liners and a rocking chair.

No one wants that. No one. Trust me, it is not even worth watching the random girl washing a car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while hitting grass with sharp sticks.

The single, best piece of advice I can give you though is this: do not drink as a minor in the first place.

The benefits of staying alive and out of jail far outweigh all of those awesome times you had at all those parties you will not remember, or all the time spent at your friend’s mom’s house.