VERSUS: Round-Up Fridays offer relaxation


by Jesse Brackeen
Eagle Staff

When April rolls around one specific topic of conversation buzzes through the hall: Round-Up holidays. As an incentive to break the record from the previous year, students are awarded every Friday in April as a holiday. A student could choose to do whatever pleases him while other students have to go to school.

Unfortunately these holidays cut into our summer vacation, forcing us to be one of the first schools back in session.

Countless complaints have been muttered thus far. Students pose the question why do we have to start so early or point out that public schools went back almost two weeks after we did.

Students do not understand why we had to start on the 11 while HISD returned on the 23.

The simple explanation is that not only do we get four Fridays off in April, we also get two days off following Round- Up, provided we break the record, accounting for an unprecedented six days.

We have an incredible amount of school off in the second semester which offers many students a break from the rigors of a very demanding St. Thomas curriculum.

On top of that every Friday in May is a half day. These extended weekends provide students with a chance to begin preparation for finals, AP exams, or just take a break.
When asked whether they prefer an extended summer or Round-Up holidays, students were practically unanimous.

“I prefer Round-Up holidays over an extended summer,” senior Hunter Haas said. “It gives us a break and gives me a chance to visit my girlfriend.”

One of the most popular pastimes of the Round-Up holidays is the opportunity to bring girls from other schools lunch. Many students have girlfriends who go to sister schools such as Duchesne or St. Agnes and it gives us a chance to visit them.

It is true that students here are able to participate in something that no other school can experience. Round-Up is one of the most important events we have to offer, and because students work hard to meet their quotas they should be rewarded for their efforts.

The idea of having six days off when other public schools, and even our sister schools, are forced to attend classes seems like an excellent opportunity. Those days can be used to do practically anything.

The holidays provide the seniors with a restful three day weekend before doing all the preparation for college; juniors, a chance to prepare for the SAT and ACT.

In my mind no debate exists; the benefits of Round- Up holidays far exceed those of a week being slapped onto the summer holiday. It seems hard to grasp now, seeing as summer is still fresh in our minds.

Trust me though, whether you are sitting on a beach or relaxing in your house, when April comes around, you will appreciate the holidays.