Choice of homecoming dinner made easy by multitude of restaurants


by Joe Hittinger
Eagle Staff

Once the task of actually finding a date for homecoming is complete, the next thing on the homecoming to-do list is figuring out where to take her for dinner.

Of course everyone wants to impress his young lady friend by taking her to a nice restaurant for some fine dining. Houston offers a plethora of great restaurants in every category of food.

A wide variety of these fine dining establishments are very close to St. Thomas High School so finding a place to eat before homecoming is simple. From tacos to spaghetti to good old-fashioned steak, there is a restaurant to satisfy everybody.

Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen located on Durham St, less than a mile away from St. Thomas, is the place to find the best Mexican food for a moderate budget.

The atmosphere is casual yet classy, and not too noisy so you can actually have a conversation with your date.

The food is not terribly expensive, but Cyclone Anaya’s definitely is not the cheapest option either. However, you get what you pay for and the food is delicious.

Due to its great food and close proximity to St. Thomas, Cyclone Anaya’s is a popular choice among students.

Another popular restaurant for homecoming dinner is the Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe.

Do not be fooled by its slightly ridiculous name; the Spaghetti Western goes hard.

Located just a few blocks up N. Shepherd from St. Thomas, Spaghetti Western offers basic Italian food such as pizza, pasta and even salad for the health-conscious.

For a very fun, casual and laid-back atmosphere that will not put a huge dent in your wallet, Spaghetti Western is the place to go.

If you want to skip the casual vibe and go somewhere fancier, then Churrascos is a great option.

Located at Westheimer and Shepherd, Churrascos offers the unique experience of Latin American cuisine.

While the food is in the pricier range, Churrascos’ delightfully different cuisine is an experience like no other. In fact, the “Cordúa Churrasco steak” was voted one of the 20 best steaks in America by Esquire Magazine.

This urbane establishment will no doubt leave a good impression on your date.

Or, perhaps you feel your taste buds calling for the distinctive tang of the oriental.

Qin Dynasty has what you need. Located just 4 miles or so down Kirby, Qin Dynasty is a good 10 minute drive away from school.

They offer a fairly standard selection of Chinese food, but the quality is in no way typical.

The prices are not extremely expensive, and the giant portions more than make up for it.

If you love giant pieces of white meat chicken, then try Qin Dynasty’s delicious take on General Tso’s Chicken.

Also, the huge Terracotta Warrior statues guarding the entrance of this establishment will no doubt astonish your date since they are usually only found in the burial crypts of long-since dead Qin emperors.

If the only food that satisfies your homecoming hunger comes from the great country of America, and you are not afraid to slap down some big bills to impress your date, then Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar is by far the top choice.

While the “Wine Bar” section of the restaurant is obviously off-limits to Men of St. Thomas, the “Prime Steakhouse” section is definitely in business.

Fleming’s, located on West Alabama, offers great steak and burgers. Fleming’s sophisticated ambiance is guaranteed to impress, especially if you are not intimidated by high prices.