Creativity a must when asking a girl to homecoming


by Nick Lednicky
Eagle Editorial Board

There is only one way to ask a girl to homecoming: with confidence and gentlemanly grace.

Students have been taking girls to homecoming dances for many decades, yet there has been no universally adopted strategy to assure that the girl of their dreams agrees to be their date.

Some men have original, creative ideas to ask their girls on dates. Others, however, ask the generic, “Will you come to homecoming with me?”

If you can rely on your dashing good looks and natural charms like some St. Thomas students to get a date, do it.

If a simple “Be my date?” will suffice to make your date ecstatic and excited, you are golden, pony boy.

Most, however, are not irresistibly attractive or charming.

It is in this all too often case, an average student with no extraordinary means to asking a girl to homecoming, that our students find themselves stuck.

Do something original, and be confident.

She is lucky to be going to homecoming with such a dashing man of St. Thomas; a paradigm of charm and intellect.

Let her know she is lucky by being confident, but not arrogant.

Sophomore Josh Mitford is a shining example to under and upperclassmen alike.

Mitford coordinated with Vice Principal of Incarnate Word Academy to ask his date to homecoming.

Mitford set up a mini-scavenger hunt, involving the two essentials: balloons and flowers. His date found a series of hidden messages which led her to Mitford. Needless to say, when she found him and he popped the question, he received more than just a yes.

Junior Harrison Heck, on the other hand, asked his girlfriend to go to homecoming with him at the end of a late night, sitting inside a Whataburger.

Harrison says she still said yes, but she has been giving him a very hard time for not being creative or original.

“I wish I would have been more creative,” Heck said. “Now my date isn’t as excited as she should be.”

The creative, heartfelt way, is the proper way to ask a girl to homecoming. If she is worth spending $100 for a dinner on, show her. Treat her like a lady. Surprise her, and make her feel special.

Girls love colorful things: balloons, flowers, car paint, chalk, etc. There are a million ways to make your potential date excited and enthralled, while at the same time making her feel special and wanted.

One might argue that this undermines your masculinity. But nay my friends, it does nothing but strengthen it.

Nothing is more characteristic of a real man than treating a lady correctly.

Be original, be creative, be confident, and overall, be polite. Respect the lucky lady, and the two of you are bound to have a great time.