Dress code rebels


Staff Editorial

To maintain its reputation of fostering mature, professional men, the school enforces a dress code that reflects these qualities: slacks, a collared shirt and dress shoes.

Unfortunately for the students, teachers and staff, professionalism does not always align with comfort. One step outside of the safe confines of the air conditioned buildings and the mature, professional men of St. Thomas are saturated in sweat.

The administration sometimes offers relaxed dress code for school events, such as football games or the annual Walk-a-thon, or as an incentive to complete service hours.

In the future, seniors will be permitted to wear college shirts on select days as one of their senior privileges. Students never pass up on an opportunity to face the pains of the school day dressed in clothing of their choice.

Regardless, the number of casual dress days never fully satisfies the student body. Students search for loopholes in the dress code to convert everyday into a casual dress day. Example: last year, a senior strutted through the hallways in perfect uniform, an exceptional example of how a man of St. Thomas should dress, except for one small detail. He ripped the sleeves from his polo shirts. Somehow he managed to go unpunished, perhaps because he technically wore a collared shirt.

While not nearly as bold, other students bend the rules by wearing custom shoes, soccer shirts, colored pants, fishing shirts, or shirts with writing. However juvenile their efforts may seem to be, everyone can sympathize with their desire to choose what they wear. Navigating through high school’s difficult lessons and awkward moments is made easier when you endure it in relaxing attire.