Fashion over function


by Jake Pincus
Eagle Staff

From plain to extravagant, students invest in all different kinds of school clothes.

The most common brands are Polo, Dockers and Tommy Hilfiger, but there are some who go above the normal khakis and invest in Southern Tide, Brooks Brothers, Loud Mouth and Vineyard Vines.

Senior Peyton Wilson’s extravagant pair of red and white Loud Mouth pants which range up to $100 were unveiled at the first pep rally.

“They’re my GDP’s, Game Day Pants,” Wilson said.

Junior Nick Lednicky is notorious for his bright colored attire from Brooks Brothers to Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide. He was asked why he dresses so nice for school.

Most kids have there own style whether they wear Columbia Performance Fishing Gear, also known as a “PFG”, to the Izod golf shirts.

Junior Connor Hicks can be spotted sporting many different colored Columbia PFG’s.

When asked why he wears them, Hicks said, “I love my PFG’s because when I leave the 3 top buttons un-buttoned, it providers a nice breeze.”

Some brands that aren’t well-known around the student body, except to a select few, are Southern Tide and Vineyard Vines.

Sophomore Jacob Podlin can be seen in his Southern Tide polos; from the solid colors or the multi-colored stripes. These shirts can be spotted by their logo of a skipjack.

The bright colored clothes are a new hit at school. Periodically people can be seen in some of these brands, from their snazzy pants to snappy shirts.