Green Campus, Happy Earth


Staff Editorial

A major concern about the dangerous effects of global warming will have has been growing worldwide since the day the idea was introduced several decades ago.

As the topic of global warming has gained recognition in recent years, we have seen a dramatic number of people and institutions advocating and practicing methods to reverse its effects. Green activists everywhere encourage practices such as those found in the popular motto: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The environmental science club has brought this movement to the school and implores students to practice recycling. Last year they gave students candy at lunch if they brought them their empty bottles and cans. This year they got recycling bins established in the courtyard and cafeteria for students to use.

The club is not the only one who cares about recycling. It is well known that Coach Fitzpatrick cares about a clean campus/earth. The incentives he gives students to recycle may not be a piece of candy, but are effective. He is also regularly asking for students’ empty cans and bottles during lunch to make sure they’re disposed of properly.

Students should follow these examples that have been set. It won’t take much to recycle after lunch or simply place your paper trash in the crate next to the trashcans. Just as you would take pride in your campus, take pride in your earth so it will be a safe place for generations to come.