As season nears, hunting lovers begin to salivate


by Joe Fisher
Eagle Editorial Board

October means that all around Texas hunting season has started or will be starting in the coming weeks.

Hunting is a common hobby for students, with almost half of the student body hunting.

Hunting is a hobby not only to students but also teachers.

Patrick Bruno is a sophomore English and speech teacher and is widely known as a hunter.

“I have been duck and deer hunting for 34 years,” Bruno said.

Bruno’s room shows off his love for hunting, too; it is very unique compared to other teachers with his desk corner wall covered in hunting apparel and pictures of his kills.

“The deer pictures on the wall are commented on, plus all my photos of my kills are always a topic of discussion,” Bruno said.

People have a love for hunting, and Bruno is no different.

“I like pursuit of game,” Bruno said. “I like getting away for the weekend, I like the camaraderie and silence, I like to be alone.”

A person with 34 years of experience in hunting, Bruno has to have some secrets for the amateur hunters.

“Preparation, and I use to only be a shooter, but I’ve learned how to be more of a hunter now,” Bruno said. “Bow hunting has got me into making that difference, because how you smell, how you blend into your surroundings and shooting something at a short distance teaches you how to be a good hunter not just a shooter.

“So once I started bow hunting about 15 years ago did I begin to really appreciate hunting animals as opposed to just killing them,” he said.

Bruno is not the only person hunting for a long time.

Some students have been hunting since their early childhood years.

“I have been hunting since I was about seven,” junior Chris De Ayala said.

Many students have different reasons they hunt. Some hunt for the thrill of killing game, while others may hunt as a family tradition.

“[I hunt] because it’s fun and a nice way to spend the day with my family,” De Ayala said.

People who hunt have many rituals when hunting. Some may wear lucky clothing while others have a special saying or action they do after they succeed in killing their animal.

“[While hunting] I sleep in the blind,” junior Ryan Montgomery said. “I don’t stay awake the whole time.”

In Texas there are many animals to hunt, from dove, quail and deer to alligators and turkey.

“I love to hunt white-tailed deer,” Montgomery said.

Every hunter has memorable moments when hunting. It can be their first-ever kill or the biggest animal they have ever killed.

“My dad shot a deer that was three feet away,” Montgomery said.

“I shot a 300 pound pig,” De Ayala said.

Hunting is a big deal, and with quail, dove and white-tailed deer seasons beginning, do not be surprised to hear about hunting trips while at the lunch table.