AP classes both challenge and reward


by Nick Lednicky
Eagle Editorial Board

The idea of advanced classes strikes fear in students’ hearts and demands respect in their eyes.

There are several connotations that attach themselves to the word “advanced.”

Some students falsely believe that the advanced classes are only for people with inhuman intelligence or somebody who completely lacks any form of a social life.

While there may be a few isolated incidences of these sorts of people, the majority of students that decide to take a host of advanced or Advanced Placement classes are very well-rounded young gentlemen.

The short of the issue is this: advanced / AP classes are worth it. Well worth it.

Sure, they are much more difficult, move faster, go more in depth and require much, much more work. These classes not only better prepare students for college, they offer a legitimate challenge that is extremely rewarding to conquer.

Not to mention, the school throws an extra seven points on the averages of advanced classes when calculating the GPA to help console students for the difficulty of these courses.

The seven points add a nice cushion to students’ grades and motivate students not to just take the easy way out with regular classes.

Advanced classes are much more difficult than regular classes. There is no avoiding that.

However, they are much more rewarding and offer a challenge that is quite sweet to conquer.

As a student of St. Thomas, you should enjoy challenging yourself.

It should be a goal of all students to rise above the bar, above expectations and perform exceptionally.

Advanced classes supply a medium to perform exceptionally, and the challenge serves as a pleasing one to most students who choose to step up and partake.

There is no feeling remotely equivalent to spending 30 minutes on an AP physics problem, getting it correct and being able to stand up and shout, “Got heem!”

Junior Andrew Ruddy has taken advanced an AP classes throughout his St. Thomas career and says that he does not have any regrets about taking such rigorous classes.

“It’s extremely hard,” Ruddy said, “but in the end, it’s all worth it, and you get a great sense of accomplishment.”

Freshman Sean MacGregor says he plans on taking advanced classes throughout his time at St. Thomas.

MacGregor said that he does not have a particular reason as to why he wants to take advanced classes, but said he found no reason why he should not take them. This is a great mindset to have.

More students should embrace hard work and advanced courses as a way of enriching their education.

It is worth it to take advanced classes because they provide an awesome challenge that feels great to overcome, provide a much more quality education and of course let colleges know that you are an academic animal, and you are hungry. Really hungry.