Junior starts own entertainment company, DJs at Houston clubs


by Luis Contreras
Eagle Staff

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep your grades up in high school.

With the increasing difficulty of classes and the expanding mountains of homework, people are starting to fall behind.

Throw in the hope of maintaining a personal life and it starts to get extremely challenging.

Add a sport and a part-time job to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is the reason most students choose to focus on one or maybe two of these things but never all four.

For example, you rarely see a football star maintain a job in his off time. It is difficult to find a kid who can balance an all A academic approach and find time to spend his weekends with his friends and family.

But junior Nick Gaudiano does all of the above.

Known for his prodigious DJ skills, Gaudiano has been balancing the rigors of school life and fostering his talent for music since middle school.

He has been the DJ at St. Thomas events for a couple of years now, but his name is just starting to be heard.

In the past few months, DJ Gaudi has become a local phenomenon. But it has not always been like this. Gaudiano was once just a little kid playing around at home.

“It started in sixth grade,” Gaudiano said. “My brother and I took my dad’s old stereo and started playing some music. We liked the way it sounded and we wanted to share that with our friends. We played at a couple church events and took the stereo to parties but we never intended for all this to happen.”

In his eighth grade year, Nick and his older brother started to get more and more into the idea of mixing their own music.

They bought their own set of turntables and started practicing their art.

“It was cool,” Gaudiano said. “We started getting asked to play at charity events and friends’ parties. Eventually we started getting more exposure and we started a small company. We played at local parties and got paid a little to do what we love.”

Gaudiano never lost his love for what he does and even as his upstart company, Off the Wall Entertainment, began to take off, he always maintained a relaxed attitude about it.

“I have always done this because I love it,” Gaudiano said. “If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t waste my time with it. Of course it is a good way of making money, but I don’t plan on pursuing this as anything more than a part-time job.”

Part-time job or not, DJ Gaudi is becoming a well-known name.

Recently he has had guest appearances on local radio stations like Hot 95.7.

Over the summer, he was essential in starting and DJing at the popular Rush teen club. He has even worked with professionals like DJ Riddler and Hypercrush.

“At the end of sophomore year, Max James and I decided to plan a huge end-of-year party,” Gaudiano said. “We called Triangle Entertainment, the owners of local clubs such as Drink Houston and Club Roxy, to talk about renting out a location.

“Afterwards we were asked by the club to host another party so we did,” Gaudiano said. “Eventually we began hosting parties every weekend throughout the summer. Quickly Max and I ended up coming into partnership with Triangle Entertainment.”

What had started as something fun to tinker with had by now become something to take seriously and the new venture with Triangle Entertainment certainly opened new doors for Gaudiano to step through.

“Triangle’s involvement has been huge for me,” Gaudiano said. “I’ve had the chance to work with some older more experienced guys such as DJ Penetrate and DJ Riddler. In fact, Penetrate was one of the first to call me DJ Gaudi.

“As I’ve been improving, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with renowned artists like Hypercrush and I’ll even be meeting Chris Brown and LMFAO later this month,” he said.

Aside from being an almost full-time DJ with massive success, Gaudiano has maintained a great GPA, been on the football team since freshman year and established a thriving social life.

While there is no doubt as to the abundant talent this guy possesses, there is some speculation as to how he balances all these separate affairs.

“Balancing school, football and work is difficult but scheduling my days out and allotting certain times for each responsibility helps me maintain everything under control,” he said.

Gaudiano is one of the biggest names in local music right now, but with so much time and talent in his hands, the future can only lead upwards.

“I was invited to the 95.7 radio studio to check it out a few weeks ago,” he said.  “It was a great experience.  I still currently invest in and host the Rush Teen Nights and DJ at Drink Houston and Club Roxy.

“I am also underway with a new company I am establishing called Blaze Entertainment,” he said.

He exemplifies discipline even when it is difficult to keep going.

With these values and his extraordinary skill with music, there is no telling the heights this man can and surely will reach.

“I’m not sure where I will go with this, but I am determined to accomplish the next big thing,” he said. “In my little time in the music business I have learned that no matter how old you are, or who you are, anything is possible with a set mind and determination.”