More thrilling Movies


by Nick Whalen
Eagle Staff

The Ides of March

The Ides of March takes place during a presidential election when a press secretary for one of the candidates winds up in a political scandal that may cause his candidate to lose the election. It is a political thriller that will keep you guessing and hanging at the edge of your seat from start to finish. The film has an interesting message to it and that is “Politicians are lying, cheating and cynical jerks.” Almost every member of the cast gave a magnificent performance, specifically Paul Giammatti and Ryan Gosling in their lead roles. However I did find some of the scenes to be very monotonous and uninteresting.


Although George Clooney did a remarkable job directing I did not like his overall performance in the movie. This movie does have its ups and downs, but overall I would recommend seeing it if you have the time.



Real Steel


Human boxing has gotten so brutal to the point where we build robots to fight for us. The movie follows a washed up boxer as he decides to help his estranged son build a robot that can follow his moves in the ring. The best part of the movie, hands down, are all of the fight scenes and the outstanding animation for the robots. The plot itself is original and innovative; it is highly enjoyable to watch a movie that is pretty much Rocky and Transformers combined without the presence of Shia Lebouf and Sylvester Stallone. My favorite aspect of the movie other than the animation is just the sheer campiness of the movie itself. It also has a heart warming story of a father getting in touch with his son by building a fighting robot. However, it does get a little formulaic because you can easily tell what will happen at the end. It also has a numerous amount of cliches when it comes to a father-son boxing movie. Other than that everything is just about average.