New clubs provide variety of activities for students


by Jonathan Oggero
Eagle Staff

Clubs have been a big part of the community for several years. We have had the classics for a long time: Intramural club, Best Buddies, Key Club, Spanish Club, French Club and Latin Club. However, there are some new ideas brewing.

Senior Leo Linbeck has a bright future in the world of film. Linbeck has already taken a film class at NYU and submitted several short works to film festivals.

With their knowledge and interest, Linbeck and English teacher Dan Green are starting a Film Club.

“You can expect to watch a lot of movies and you will make at least three short films of your own,” Linbeck said. “You will utilize lighting techniques, camera techniques and how to use screenwriting and editing software.”

Rumor has it that Donnie Darko, American Beauty and 300 are just some of the movies that you can expect to watch.

To top it all off, your films will be shown at Movie on the Field and during a Critics Corner meeting. If you are interested, you will not have to wait much longer.

If you want to serve and help the community, senior Alex Bishop is the man to talk to.

Bishop is devising a plan for the American Red Cross Club.

Lately, people are in extreme need because of the drought and wildfires. With Bishop leading the pack, you will help victims and serve the community at the same time.

“I’m getting started as soon as possible,” Bishop said. “Hopefully it will be started by the end of this month.”

Bishop is the man to see for service hours. He has grown up learning about the fruitful organization.

Everyone knows we have our annual paintball trip for students. For extreme paintballers, that is no where near the amount of trips our school should have.

Junior Will Hopkins is one of these hardcore warriors. Hopkins has been paintballing since his middle school days.

Not only is he experienced, he is just plain good.

“Paintball club has been tried before,” Hopkins said. “We are trying to make a strong base with the underclassmen, so I think it will last.”

These clubs will surely bring much more student activity and involvement into the school community, and provide a nice relaxing outlet for students whose afternoons are normally filled with sports or homework.