Off-campus lunches present risky yet delicious privilege for seniors


by Alex Mowatt-Larsen
Eagle Editorial Board

Whether it is “nagging a ‘rito at Mission” or eating fancy at Five Guys, the restaurants around school provide many delectable options for seniors to take advantage of during their off-campus lunch.

With only 40 minutes, it might be possible that your favorite spot to eat is too far away to go.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your food life, or even stick to the mainstream, there is a place for you.

For seniors who go off-campus for lunch, one of the all time favorites is Mission Burrito.

The always friendly service, good food and close proximity has made it a safe and sound choice.

Unless you somehow score a Free Burrito card from Mr. O’Brien, Mission is on the pricier side of restaurants, but the quality of your food is definitely worth the money.

If you are not feeling a delicious burrito, Five Guys is just as close and has one of the better burgers and fries combinations you will find in Houston.

It is also somewhat expensive, considering your meal can easily go over ten bucks depending on the amount of food you eat, but going with a friend and sharing the always massive amount of cajun fries can cheapen your lunch bill.

Deciding to stay conservative and going with the typical fast food restaurants is a good idea, since there are classic ones such as Subway, Quiznos and Taco Bell all within reaching distance of the school.

These are on the safer side, normally not taking as long to get your food and are not nearly as expensive, allowing you to have a bigger yet still satisfying meal.

These are quality for a good meal for under 10 dollars.

Some seniors decide that going off-campus is not for them and eat in the cafeteria.

There are many reasons this may be the better choice for some seniors, who may not want to risk being late for E or F period with a strict teacher.

Some do not have the money to spend on a off campus meal, or do not have a car or even enough friends to carpool with in order to make going off campus worth the while.

With off campus lunch it is hard to take a risk when it comes to distance, but it is a privilege that many students look forward to and is well worth taking advantage of, even if places like Whataburger and Chick-Fil-A are too far away.

If you are a senior and have not gone off campus yet, or if you are just a connoisseur of fine burritos, a mission to Mission or to any other restaurant in the area during lunch might be in order for you in the near future.