Pick your browser


by Sam Milhollin
Eagle Editorial Board

When looking for a new web broswer, the amount of choices is vast, but there are four main choices: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer. Each of these browsers has its own unique abilities and applications, and the fight to make a better browser is constantly ongoing.

Opera has a feature called Turbo. Turbo speeds up slower connections, which is why this browser is better for computers with slower internet connections.

Opera is also known to have the smallest size, therefore not increasing your computer’s speed that other browsers would. Opera also contains speed dial, which allows you instant access to your favorite sites, and Unite, which actually turns your computer into a server, allowing other people to access sites faster.

The most interesting feature of Opera is its built in bit-torrent application. While most people would need to download an external program such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, you can immediately start the download within the Opera browser.

Another good browser is Google’s own, Chrome. Chrome is known for being one of the most streamlined and easy-to-use browsers. It also boasts that it is one of the fastest browsers to access the internet with. As expected with Google, it is one of the easiest to use and most efficient browsers out there.

There are also a couple of cool features thrown in, including one such feature called Incognito. Incognito is a separate version of the normal Chrome and works exactly the same way except that it does not save your history. Chrome also comes with Flash and PDF document support built in so no more separately downloading those programs.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest browsers still operating to date. It is one of the fastest and coolest browsers out there right now. From its easy to use interface to its incredible browsing speed, Firefox is an all around good browser.

Firefox also comes with an ability to download apps and skins. The skins are created by users like you and me, and some of them are amazing. You can change your normal Firefox to a fire-breathing dragon.

It also sports an incredible app database, with over 6000 apps to fill your every need. Another good thing about Firefox is that it is open source, which means that users along with the developers, help design and create the newest version.

Finally, Firefox comes with the usual tabbed browsing and “sticky notes,” which allow you to make notes on the web pages you visit. Overall, Firefox is a very good browser to use.

Finally, we come to Internet Explorer, one of the first majorly used browsers. When it came out, it was one of the most popular browsers due to how it was much more worked on than other browsers at the time.

Sadly, this is no longer true, and Internet Explorer is now known for its adware and ability to crash your computer without fail. Internet Explorer has all of the basics, but it has yet to see new and innovative features that other web browsers have. It seems Internet Explorer has outlived its usefulness, and only ill-advised schools and people over seventy use it as a browser.

All-in-all, there are many different web browsers that one can use. Everyone is always looking for the coolest one available, but a lot of it has to do with personal preference.