Replace OCL with catered lunch


The Eagle Staff

On your mark, get set, go.

After D and E period, the bell echoes through the hallways like a gunshot signaling the start of a race.

Seniors bolt from their classrooms in swarms, forgetting the single file lines that their Kindergarten teachers enforced. They hop into their cars and exit the safe confines of the school into the dangerous terrain known as Downtown Houston.

Off-campus lunch always ranks among seniors’ favorite privileges. The opportunity to eat good food in good company is well deserved after three years of consuming what the cafeteria offers.

Off-campus lunch also ranks among Principal Rev. Father Fulton, C.S.B.’s least favorite privileges. His heart races faster than the students’ cars as they zip across the parking lot.

He has due reason to fear the possibility of an accident such as what happened last year to Kevin Hesse, ‘11. On Shepherd at Kirby, another car rammed into Hesse’s and flipped it over.

A possible win-win and entirely risk-free solution would be catered lunches. Students receive an appetizing meal that is brought in from an outside source. Fulton and the other administrators rest assured that no student is in harm’s way. Everyone is happy.

But the prospect of a catered lunch ultimately depends on the leadership of our student council, headed by senior and President Danny Amsler. Year after year the presidential candidates promise students lunches catered by restaurants ranging from Chick-fil-a to Hooters, but few actually deliver.

Given their success with the annual Walk-a-thon and implementing new gimmicks to revamp school spirit, this year’s student council looks as if they may fulfill their promises, but their mission is not yet complete. The day that Amsler sees the student body in the courtyard at noon, licking the barbecue sauce from Hooter’s renowned chicken wings off their fingers, he can honestly declare, “Mission accomplished.”