Senior privileges: what is granted and what is not


Eagle Staff

October is here, and most seniors still do not know the extent of their privileges. Recently, a list was posted in the hallway with giant red marks crossed through several of its items.

Out of the 19 senior privileges requested, 13 were granted, a much larger number than previous years. Many are traditional, but the Student Council has brainstormed some new ones that are sure to be big hits.

The privileges that were not granted were done so for good reasons.

The Beard Growing Contest was surprisingly cut out, but perhaps it could be reinstated if the seniors decide to use their razors more often instead of waiting to be caught.

Halloween Dress-up day was not granted because last year it just was not very popular.

One of the more bold requests was a class field trip, also denied.

Another request was that Eagle Pass seniors be permitted to go off campus one time per week, which was not wise to begin with because they would not be studying to get the grades that earned them this special privilege in the first place.

Lunch for seniors in Mary Moody was out because if we already have off campus lunch, there is really no point for this.

And finally, an improved senior lounge was not granted because of the desired room’s use for tutoring several days of the week.

The new privileges are a senior send off party during lunch, College Spirit days each Wednesday to wear each senior’s choice school after acceptance letters are sent out and a senior off-campus study day in the fall, on December 14, along with breakfasts before finals.

The last new privilege is if you make the St. Thomas Club your first semester senior year, you will be granted an Eagle Pass in place of your study hall for the second semester.

This is a great list of senior privileges, even if the Beard Growing contest was taken out.

Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B., showed a willingness to grant as many as were plausible, only with a few exceptions for requests that pushed the limit.

Off-campus lunch is one that few schools still have and is putting the school at risk if something bad happens to a student. Instead of complaining over what was denied, enjoy the privileges that have been granted and have a great senior year.