Sports injuries deliver crushing blow


by Jake Pincus
Eagle Staff

Injuries on the field can be impeding to not only the player but to the future of their sports career.

Senior Nick Rossi had a disastrous injury tearing his ACL and meniscus during the football game against Strake Jesuit. Rossi was not only the varsity center but also a returning letterman.

Although Rossi is removed from the field, he still leads the team from the sidelines.

Senior Paul De Ayala has stepped up to face the tough position as center to replace the injured Rossi.

The injury has not only removed Rossi from the football field; it also sidelined him from the wrestling mat.

Although Rossi’s knee has affected him now he hopes to be back for wrestling Nationals as well as state in late January to early February.

During his surgery, they took a piece of his patella tendon for his new ACL.

Junior Greg Hoffman also had a injury during his sophomore year on the football field. The injury was a sports hernia which Hoffman got from football and weight lifting.

A sports hernia is when the lower abs that are attached to the pelvis rip off. Hoffman received the unfortunate news that he tore both sides off the pelvis and needed to undergo surgery.

The doctor reattached his abs to the pelvis by stitching them back on. They also poked holes in the groin muscles to loosen them up.

“The doctor told me to ease up on the sports actions,” he said.

Hoffman is not sure if he will be able to get back out on the field senior year.