Crossword needs review before publishing


To the Editor:


 When I get the newspaper I do enjoy the articles but my favorite part is the crossword puzzle. My problem is that the crossword puzzle contains a large number of errors, as if no one bothered to look up correct answers to even check them.


For example, referring to number 3 down, a person from Arizona is not an “Arizonan” as the answer requires but an “Arizonian.” Number 22 across, a three masted Mediterranean boat is not a “zebec” but a “xebec.” Number 36 across, the subclass the ticks and mites belong to is “acari” or “acariana.” Neither of those even fit.


Albeit the errors bring a necessity for creativity into the equation but they can be frustrating when you know the right answer but it doesn’t fit. All I ask is that you be a little more careful and actually proof read the answers and check them.



Kirk Garrison