Enough about dubstep


To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that in just about every edition of the paper there has been an article praising the new music genre of dubstep.

This puzzled me because from what I hear around campus dubstep is usually the butt of many jokes. On the subject of dubstep being music, I agree that it is in fact music. However, I believe dubstep is the worst thing to happen to music since boy bands. Call me old fashioned, but whatever happened to musicians using instruments? Between hip hop, pop and dubstep, the use of instruments in music is quickly depleting.

I think it’s pitiful if you’re favorite genre of music’s idea of a live performance is some pilled-up guy on stage pressing play then dancing around like some kind of teletubbie. I just think it’s a sad day in music when you can go to a high school dance (homecoming) and not hear a single instrument the entire time. If you thought some little “bass drop” was exhilarating, try rockin’ out on the air-guitar for 9 minutes to the immaculate “Freebird”!

At least hip hop and pop music have different paces. Every dubstep track I’ve heard (which I will admit is not a lot) has one rhythm and one volume, fast and loud. Every dubstep song ever created leaves everyone within its earshot with ringing ears. There’s no doubting that I’m all for obnoxiously loud music when a time calls for it, but dubstep is just too mind numbing. Occasionally when I listen to music I like to sit back, relax, tap my foot to the beat, and sing along to the lyrics (which dubstep rarely has). Music ain’t music if you can’t listen to it while you’re sitting out on a lake casting your reel. I hate to see what used to be this Lynyrd Skynyrd lovin’ country of mine turn into a zombie-like nation under the dubstep virus.

Eric Martin