Policy changes in LRC


To the Editor:

In the Oct. 14 issue of The Eagle, Jesse Brackeen wrote an article advocating for laptops here at St. Thomas High School (“Outdated methods in dire need of replacement,” Issue 83-3). While making his case for laptops, Jesse pointed out that there are a limited number of computers on campus to which students have access, and listed some problems regarding access to the Learning Resource Center computers.


I thought a bit about his four main points, and realized it’s possible to make things a little easier for students wanting to use the library, and Father Fulton has agreed.


Issue 1: Being inside the LRC doors before the 7:45 bell to get a study hall permit.


We will let students come up until the 7:50 bell for the beginning of A period. Guys who have waited too long and get caught by the 7:50 bell must not expect a tardy pass to class from the LRC, however. (Students with the green late passes from the Dean of Student’s office have always been able to come for an LRC permit before going on to class.) The same will hold true for study hall passes written at lunch. You can get a pass from us, but we will not help you out if you’re late to the class after lunch.


Issue 2: A limited number (11) of spots that can be filled every period.


We will eliminate the arbitrary eleven slots for students wanting study hall passes. Keep in mind that if students are not working quietly, we might ask them to go back to study hall.


Issue 3: Classes reserving the LRC computers


Unfortunately we can’t do anything about a teacher reserving the LRC computers during students’ study halls. The needs of the many must take precedence over the needs of an individual. We already let boys use any of the computers not needed by the class and will continue to do so.


Issue 4: No LRC computers available before and after school


We are often very busy and distracted before school, and have found that it works pretty well to send students to Mrs. Bryan’s Open Computer Lab.


When the open lab is full or otherwise unavailable before and after school, we’ll continue making the LRC computers available.


Mrs. Gongora and I hope that at least a couple of the Learning Resource Center concerns have been addressed satisfactorily. If anyone has any ideas for making the library a more student-centered place, let either of us know. Just give me a chance to say yes.



Diane Roberts


Director of LRC