Scholars, athletes alike rise as champions at Fall Olympics


by Luis Contreras
Eagle Staff

Men of St. Thomas are known for their blood, sweat and tears attitude towards life. Every year, this attitude is proudly displayed at the event that separates the men from the boys. This is the Fall Olympics.

This year Fall Olympics took place on a brisk fall day that served to accentuate the fiery competition and heated demeanor of the participants.

The gentle breeze was just enough to cool down hot tempers but not so much as to hinder athleticism.

In short, the weather was perfect.

Students came decked out in their most serious attire.

Neon headbands were utilized to wipe the sweat off the brow of the most intense athletes. Ridiculously high socks showed competition to back off, lest things get nasty. Some students went above and beyond and employed the use of armbands to increase speed and agility. Regardless of attire, however, each and every student came ready to play.

The Fall Olympics system is divided into homerooms. Each homeroom is assigned a country and it is the duty of the students to represent that country in individual and team events. With every win, a homeroom earns points and at the end of the day the homeroom with the most points in each grade wins.

As one can imagine, this leads to unfathomable intensity among the general student body.

The competitions available included Xbox games, foosball and ping pong tournaments and the oh-so manly Pedestal Joust. Among other crowd favorites were the bean bag toss and the bike race.

“My favorite event was the sock wrestling tournament,” junior Matt Richards said. “I liked getting rough with the guys.”

As heated as the individual events were, the real glory was in winning the team competitions.

Every year, each homeroom builds a dream team for five different sports. This dream team then goes out to destroy all the other homerooms and win the trophy for their own.

The sports available were basketball, football, volleyball, dodge ball and a relay race.

Despite all the fun that the day had to offer, many students decided to take Fall Olympics as an opportunity for a day off.

Some students chose to stay home and sleep on Wednesday. Others spent the day enjoying the weather with friends.

Fall Olympics is a school favorite. Every year, students count down the seconds until this glorious day.

Everyone enjoyed the weather, the games and each other’s company. For one short day, everyone took a hiatus from the busy life of high school to spend some time having fun with friends.