Sperrys’ sleekness appeals to classy students


by Jesse Brackeen
Eagle Editorial Board

Take a step out into the hallway and look down.

What you will see is a multitude of students wearing a pair of Sperry Top-Siders: classy students who enjoy partaking in the rich tradition of wearing the top-sider.

The reasons they do wear these shoes are numerous, and I will prove why they are superior to any other type of shoe.

Sperrys provide versatility.

Sperrys can be worn practically anywhere, on any occasion.

If you are going to church, slide on the Sperrys. On your way to a movie, pull them out of the closet. If it is a first date with a cute girl put on a pair and dress to impress.

Sperrys are the most comfortable shoes that are acceptable to wear at school.

It takes about a week to break in a new pair but once that week is over Sperrys are like a glove on your foot.

I still have a pair from last year that I wear on casual occasions.

The great thing about Sperrys is the fact that they can be slipped on in a matter of seconds, no socks required.

Girls are inclined to date men in Sperrys.

When one puts on a pair they are declaring, “I am a classy guy with classy shoes, and will treat girls in a classy manner.”

Parents also love gentlemen who dress respectfully.

Trust me, a dad much prefers a man wearing Sperrys over a boy wearing the latest high-top basketball shoe.

If you dress respectfully, you immediately eliminate the ideology that young men from an all-male high school are tasteless barbarians.

Sperrys are simply second to none.

If you are going to sit there and tell me you would go to a movie with a girl or a group of friends in cowboy boots then something is wrong.

Boots are loud and obnoxious when they are worn when they should not be.

I do enjoy bringing out the boots occasionally, and I know representing where you come from is an important part of every Texan’s life.

However, wearing ostrich skin boots to a casual dress dance screams, “Look at me, I am desperate for attention!”

A Sperry is sleek, classy and great for any occasion.

I think boys who wear boots enjoy the sound of slamming their feet, making the loud CLACK and receiving some form of satisfaction knowing they are the loudest kids at school.

The cowboy boot is a dying form of footwear my friends.

However the Sperry is becoming an important part of main-stream society.

Case in point: walk into any department store and try to find a display of boots. Go to the shoe section and you will see a wide variety of Sperrys, of all colors and for all occasions.

Men who wear Sperrys want to be a part of the rich tradition, the tradition that has started at school.

A good amount of young men wear Sperrys because they appreciate what a pair brings to the table.

Wearing Sperrys is a smart decision, a smart decision for any guy.

Stay classy gentlemen; keep wearing those top-siders.