Student Council elections not popularity contest


The Eagle Staff

Being on Student Council is undoubtedly one of the most prized and prestigious positions a student can attain.

Students that are elected to Student Council wield a power that is not had by most other students and hold a position that is revered by teachers, peers and colleges alike.

This being said, it is a very serious position to have. Would you vote to elect a President of the United States just because he is good at football or because he is popular?

Student Council representatives need be elected because of their ability to act on issues that are important to the student body, not because of the aforementioned traits of athleticism or popularity. These representatives are one of the fundamental ways that the student body is able to communicate with the faculty and get things fixed or done.

The students who are elected to this position need to be articulate, fair, honest and humble leaders. We urge freshmen to make the right decision and vote for the people with what you believe to be the best abilities in helping get your voice heard, not for the best player on the football team or the kid who attends the most parties.