Wanted: dedicated dean of students


Eagle Staff

In November, the administration will begin interviewing to hire a new dean of dtudents. Whoever receives the position will also inherit the mountainous responsibility of filling the void that the absence of current Dean of Students Michael McConnell will leave.

Over the course of his lengthy career, McConnell chiefly handled the discipline component of the school’s threefold motto.

Since 1978, McConnell has roamed the school hallways—whether as Head Football Coach, Dean of Students or Co-Principal—ensuring that students have shirts tucked in, faces clean shaven and attire in line with the dress code. No other teacher or faculty member can claim to have been here for that long.

McConnell’s legacy should serve as a template for the job description of the new dean of students. The school does not necessarily need to employ a McConnell clone who wags his finger at students in the teenage boy lunch line. The new dean of students should have his own unique personality and also exhibit humility and dedication to the extent that McConnell did.

Thanks for everything you have done for us, Coach.