Battlefield 3 outclasses Call of Duty


by Nick Whalen
Eagle Staff

Battlefield 3 has been called a contender to the new game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. After playing Battlefield 3, I have realized that when it comes to online play, there is no contest.

The maps on the game are huge and expansive so that any good player can properly utilize it to the max. Whether you are a sniper, pilot or just a grunt you will be playing this game for hours.

This is just one of the magnificent attributes in the game itself. The new and improved frostbite engine easily puts the Call of Duty engine to shame because it has made the game look amazing in every way, shape and form from weapons to buildings.

The realism in the game is great because of what you can use on the battlefield and what you can do with it.

As an example, you can destroy buildings at your will with a grenade launcher, tank or even by flying a jet right into it.

The gameplay for multi-player and single-player is perfectly balanced so that any gamer could use it to its fullest extent.

After playing online, I decided that it was time to try out the campaign.

It was not so bad, but it just seemed to be missing some parts that online had already outclassed in almost every way.

The thing that I had always thought about first person shooter campaigns are that they have some kind of unique part where you can do something in it that you cannot do in online play.

For example, in Halo: Reach you get to be launched in space in the campaign and fight off the enemy out there.

Even though it is lacking for the single-player, the multi-player is outstanding in every way which makes this game a must own.