Dance lessons step in the right


Eagle Staff

The administration has repeatedly chastised the student body about the vulgar behavior at school dances.

When stuck in a dark crowded gym for four hours with a date who craves attention, students generally resort to a crude style of dancing that requires no lessons. You do not need to be a Fred Astaire to know how to grind.

On Monday after Homecoming, if everyone were to receive a pop quiz that inquired what color their dates’ eyes were, few would pass.

Green? Turquoise? Hazel?

Clearly a majority of the student body has not received formal dance lessons or this would not be such a prevalent problem.

Juggling several AP classes, sports, a part-time job and/or extracurricular activities, few students possess the time to learn the waltz.

Dancing is a valuable skill, signifying class and sophistication. An energetic dancer will surely attract the ladies’ attention.

In 2008 the administration tried to counter this issue by offering after school dance lessons. It must not have worked out as well as they had hoped because it was not offered again.

The Spanish Club, headed by senior Patrick Pinkerton, is coordinating dance lessons with the Duchesne Spanish Club and hopes to begin later this semester.

We think this is definitely a step in the right direction.