Bravo seniors for rejuvenating school spirit


Eagle Staff Editorial

In prior years, many feared that school spirit was waning due to the dismal pep rallies and low attendance at football games.

This year however, the student body, led by the loudmouthed senior class, proved that theory wrong. Students flocked to football and basketball games to exhibit their Eagle pride and propel the teams to victory.

Few schools can muster more noise and enthusiasm than our student section as evident to all who attended the Strake Jesuit basketball game. Although we did not win on the court, we unquestionably won in the stands.

Throughout the game, our rivals’ chants were rebutted by clever comebacks. Senior Anthony Hernandez conducted the crowd in a trippy rollercoaster ride complete with turns and loop-de-loops.

Moments like these linger in students’ memories. Moments like these will be retold in the hallways, on social networks, and, even decades from now, at the annual Reunion Weekend. Moments like these illuminate the four strenuous years of high school.

The administration occasionally expressed concern over the instances that the crowd toed the line between charismatic and malicious, railing against our rivals instead of cheering for our players.

Return to school on January 4 with your voice warmed up for another semester of soaring school spirit.