Christmas vacation upon us


by Richard Le
Eagle Staff

Christmas break is fast approaching, and students are ready to spend their vacations in absolute bliss.

It is a time for families to really spend some quality time together. Many students do not have the opportunity to spend enough time with their families during the school year, as students are busy with homework and school activities while parents are focused in on their jobs. But Christmas break is a time to relieve from all stresses and to get away from the hustle and bustle.

“I absolutely love Christmas break,” junior Josh Gordon said. “This is by far my favorite time of the year. It allows me to be free from all of the stresses of school and allows me to hang out with all my friends and family.”

Going away on vacation has always been a holiday tradition as many students and their families have planned their holiday destinations. One of the most popular vacation plans among students is either going skiing or snowboarding.

“This year my family and I are traveling to Connecticut to visit my grandparents,” Sophomore Colin Burwinkel said. “We’re also going to go skiing. I’ve never gone skiing before, so I’m really excited.”

St. Thomas has pretty diverse student body as many students have ethnic backgrounds from other countries. A few students and their families have planned to go out of the country to visit some relatives.

“I have some relatives in Mexico, so me and my family are going there for the holidays,” senior Mark Soto said. “I can’t wait to go because I really want to reconnect with my Mexican roots.”

But not everyone is traveling out of town as a few have decided to just stay in town and relax.

“I don’t have any plans this year for the holidays,” junior Tommy Kherkher said. “I’m just going to chill at home, eat and sleep a lot, play some golf, and hang out with my buddies.”

Whether students are traveling out of town or just staying home for the holidays, everyone is going to find a way to enjoy their Christmas vacation.