Holidays distracting to students


To the Editor:


Having many holidays is distracting for the students, and that is what concerns me.


Being off from school for more than five days inside the school year like for Easter or Thanksgiving makes us students lose track of our school responsibilities.


I am writing from experience. When I get back from long days of holidays I always forget to study or to do my homework.


The school assumes that we students will study during these holidays for our tests or quizzes, but the days distract us from doing that, and that is one reason we get bad grades from the tests we have right after the holidays.


In my opinion we should have fewer days off for holidays during the school year but more days off in summer time. By having fewer breaks during school time students can prepare themselves better for their tests and quizzes and can get better grades.


I know that most students will oppose to this because we like getting away from school, but the school would like to see its students getting higher grades, and that is why I am in favor of this recommendation.


Eren Erden