Honor board good idea, but needs restrictions


To the Editor:

Nick Lednicky’s article on the student honor board aiding the future dean of students is brilliant (“Student honor board would aid future dean of students,” Issue 83-5). It would provide many benefits for the school as a whole and would be a very good guide for the new dean.

However, there would have to be a reliable way to elect this student honor board. I am afraid that it may turn into a popularity contest, and the honor board may not live up to its potential.

I think that there should be requirements that the students have to meet in order to be a member in the honor board.

These requirements would include the student to be a member of St. Thomas Club, a member of student council for at least one year and a recommendation from a teacher.

This would not only guarantee qualified students to become members of the honor board but it would also provide incentive for students to work harder in order to become a member of the board.

A student honor board would help our new dean and our school in many ways, especially if reliable leaders were running it.

There is a reason that many colleges have honor boards. Honor boards provide a perspective from the student body that otherwise may not be seen.

Also, if St. Thomas had an honor board, it would give students more of an idea of what college is like and prepare them for an environment that they will soon encounter.

Harrison Heck