Lunch period needs lengthening


To the Editor:

The school lunches shouldn’t be so expensive because we already pay over $10,000 a year to go to this school.

Now, if we want to buy lunch that will fill us up, it costs at least $7. I think that is ridiculous because if we buy lunch for one week for four weeks, it will cost $140 to eat a good lunch. I admit that the food served is delicious, but it shouldn’t cost that much to eat.

Also, the lunch lines are way too long. If you’re the last one in line, you will have about 10 to 15 minutes to eat. You won’t have any time to socialize with your friends, which is a key attribute of high school.

Finally, lunch should be longer for the goodness of a well deserved meal that will refuel your brain for the last few classes.

If you’re rushing your food, then you won’t have time for your body to acquire the nutrients in time for that big test next period that you need to make a good grade on.

The more time that you spend eating, the more full you will feel, the more energized you will feel and the better that you will feel about yourself. I think that lunch should be at least 45 minutes for those reasons.

William Raven