More should appreciate the arts


Although the student attendance at athletic events has skyrocketed, at Chamber Concerts and Hot Art Cool Jazz it remains low.

Not to say that absolutely no students attend the events—props to the Best Buddies club, headed by senior John Hadaad, for bringing their buddies to the annual Christmas Concert—but the audience chiefly consists of parents and teachers.

Naturally at an all male high school, some might dismiss the arts as dull, preferring the thrill of taunting our rivals at a football game.

Teachers must offer extra credit points to entice students to attend a play or concert. Consequently, students view it as a homework assignment, a chore that they would rather bypass. Few go on their own initiative or simply just to enjoy a good show.

We must transcend our biases and recognize that the theatre, music and arts are as vital to the school as athletics. Their instructors and members work hard all year long, sacrificing their time and talents for an effort larger than themselves that serves to enrich our school.

They deserve respect. Show it with your presence. No extra credit required.