Rocketry preps for competition


by Joe Cook
Eagle Editorial Board

At a school in which so many of its extra-curricular activities are nationally ranked, some of the most productive clubs and groups are still overlooked. One of these clubs is the Rocketry Club, moderated by science department members Dr. Ed Marintsch and Michael Lynch.

This team is one of the select few school sponsored teams that competes and excels in competitions on a national level.

There are three teams that are part of the Rocketry Club. Lynch’s team is made up of junior Damon Emerson and seniors Bob Forzano, Andy Holm, Chris Jardine, Navin Kalluri, Greg Katsaros, Thomas Loughlin, Steven Schroeder and Nick Yuan. This team competes in the NASA Student Launch Initiative.

“Lynch’s team competes in the SLI as a result of their finish in national competition last year,” Marintsch said. “We’ve been able to send a team to the SLI competition seven of the last nine years.”

The other two teams compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

“I mentor the other two rocketry teams,” Marintsch said. “We just completed the design phase on the computer to meet contest criterion. We’re about to move into the actual building process.”

The team works two times a week after school in preparation for both the TARC and the NASA SLI competitions.

“It’s been a lot of fun working on the rockets and being able to go to test rockets at NASA,” Katsaros said. “I really enjoy being able to have our rockets compete and succeed at a national level.”

According to the TARC website, the TARC competition is in Washington, DC in May. The top 10 teams in the TARC competition are then invited by NASA to compete in the SLI competition. Launch day for the SLI competition is on April 21 and will take place in Huntsville.