Tablets like iPad best for students


To the Editor:

I would have to completely agree with Jesse Brackeen on the matter that our teaching / learning methods are becoming outdated (“Outdated methods in dire need of replacement,” Issue 83-3).

However, instead of laptops, I think we should go to an iPad or tablet system.

My friend goes to a school in which they use iPads for practically everything. They do their homework, take tests and quizzes and use the Internet for research all on their iPad.

As you can see, this two pound device serves the same purpose as 60 pounds of books and notebooks.

Another point I make is the price. This year I paid over $500 for my books and supplies. The newest 16GB iPad costs $500 right now from Apple and can probably be found for cheaper somewhere else.

We live in a digital world now and St. Thomas High School must make the switch as well.

Ryan Montgomery