Casual dates trump dress-up affairs


By Joe Hittinger
Eagle Staff

St. Thomas men are best known for always acting like perfect gentlemen.

We are polite, fun and courteous, and one thing is for certain: we always get the girl.

For us men of St. Thomas, getting a girl to actually agree to go on a date is the easy part. Figuring out where to take her on a first date, however, is a tad bit trickier.

As to whether you should take a girl out on a casual date or a formal date, the choice is quite clear: casual is the only way to go.

It is much easier and definitely more fun to put on jeans and a t-shirt when going out with a girl, as opposed to strapping on a dress shirt, tie and khakis. The girl will not get a real indication of who you really are unless she sees you in a setting where you can be yourself.

Leave the pretentious preppy kid act to guys from St. John’s; men of St. Thomas can be gentlemen without wearing a top hat and a monocle.

Sure, going for pizza and a movie is definitely not the most original idea, but how are you supposed to really get to know each other if you are stuck eating at some lame restaurant like a boring old married couple?

Furthermore, you would most likely have to use a fork to eat; those things can be tricky. Even worse, your date might expect you to actually smell good.

In a formal environment, there is a better chance of embarrassing yourself. Spill water all over yourself at a restaurant? Everyone would point and laugh at you. Spill your Sprite in a movie? It’s too dark for anyone to notice. This is just one of the many advantages of keeping it casual, instead of being a try-hard and doing something more formal.

Another advantage of a casual date is that you are much more likely to run into friends at a movie theater or a fast food joint than at a formal restaruant.

If you run into friends while out on a date with a female, it can make the situation more comfortable for you. It also proves to your girl that you actually have friends, in case she was wondering.

If you happen to run into any of her friends, this can be beneficial as well. For one thing, she will feel more comfortable and maybe even get jealous that her friends are ogling her man. Also, if things do not work out with the girl, then you just widened your circle of female friends. Nice.

Perhaps the best part about going on a casual date is that the expectations are low. If it does not work out with the girl, it’s not a big deal. If it does not work out after going out on a formal date, then you would have just wasted money and the time that it took to put on all those unnecessary clothes.

Save time and money by getting Whataburger and seeing a movie.

Besides, if a girl isn’t comfortable eating Whataburger with you, she’s not worth your time anyway. Don’t ever let a girl come between you and a patty melt from Whataburger. There are literally hundreds of girls in this country, but the All-time Favorites from Whataburger are only here for a limited time.