Dressing to impress shows maturity


By Jesse Brackeen
Eagle Editorial Board

Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day has come and passed but it is never too late to take that special someone on a date that they will never forget.

Trust me when I say a girl prefers going on a date that requires both of you to dress up, rather than one in which you lace up the old sneakers and don the tank top so you can go sit in a movie theater and drop her off a few hours later.

We go to a school that prides itself on being better than our rivals; informal dates are something our friends up Shepherd pride themselves on.

You, my fellow Eagles, are the ambassadors of our school and the way you treat females should reflect the principles of the Basilian fathers: goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

Your goodness is reflected by the manner in which you treat your girlfriend. You should be disciplined enough to know that wearing clothes that your mother would barely let you go outside to play basketball in is not suitable to impress a lady friend. Finally, you should have the knowledge to realize that a girl appreciates when a man in her life takes her on a formal date.

Now I know it is tempting to just open your dresser, put on the typical shorts and a t-shirt, and go out to see a movie and grab some Whataburger with a girl. I suppose that if you and your girlfriend are in a relationship that is relaxed then that is permissible.

However, if you are attempting to impress a female, I suggest taking her out to a place that is worthy of us Eagles. For juniors and seniors, this is prom date season.

There is no better way to invite a young woman to our prom than to take her out to a nice dinner and ask her while you both are dressed to impress. While it seems perfectly legitimate to invite a girl to prom while you both are chowing down on some Whataburger, a girl would appreciate being asked over a nice dinner.

I happen to have quite a nice little repertoire of formal dates under my belt, but I must admit that I am typically more inclined to throw on my khaki shorts and a Polo and go see the most recent blockbuster over going and spending a lot of money on food. However, a girl will forever remember that one evening when you decided to dress up in your big boy suit and escort her out to a nice evening.

Unfortunately some men are not endowed with absolute beauty, and for that they have to compensate in some way. The best way to do so is to simply outclass the opposition.

If a young lady is forced to choose between a man who treats her well and a jerk that drags her to a fast food joint and a movie, more times than not, she will choose the well-rounded gentlemen that takes her out to nice restaurants and dresses up in a suitable manner to impress her.

Recently some issues have adversely affected the character of a typical Eagle. I do not want to sit here and watch girls from our sister schools start reverting back to dating boys from other all male institutions of higher learning.

Do not let that happen: choose to take your girl out on a formal date, and make her know you appreciate her.