Exciting duo to take over as pep rally emcees


by Mitch Harris
Eagle Staff

Strake Week. Pius Week. Round-Up.

All are three of the most exciting times in the school year. Pep rallies during these weeks are when the entire student body gets together and lets all of its excitement out.

However, despite the efforts of long time Eagle Guardsman John Mouton, ’12, student involvement and excitement over the last couple years was low. Mouton is gone now, and the tough task of raising school spirit lies in the hands of seniors Wade Brill and Luis Contreras.

Last year, students were not very excited for pep rallies due to some mistakes made by spirit leaders.

Mouton’s long speeches at the Strake week pep rally resulted in students losing interest. Peyton Wilson’s controversial speech last year involving a piñata led to him no longer being able to lead pep rallies.

Brill promises these mistakes will not happen again.

“Shorter speeches, more excitement and more student involvement,” Brill said.

This year’s duo is mainly concerned with time.

“One problem with previous pep rallies was the time period that students had to build up that energy and excitement,” Contreras said. “From 2:40 to 2:45, the students have to get mentally ready for a pep rally at the end of the day. Their minds are focussed on other things such as the weekend.”

The type of pep rally that Brill and Contreras plan to bring is different from one’s in the past. “We plan on bringing a week-long pep rally, spanning from Monday to Friday with activities during lunch and in between periods,” Contreras said. “We’re gonna get weird all week long.”

More student involvement during the pep rallies is another plan the duo has in store. This includes competitions between classes to get students loud and rowdy.

“These things are always successful,” Brill said. “Getting the crowd to cheer for someone as they do something crazy gets everyone excited.”

Mouton was a well-liked leader, but many believed he talked too much and did not take student opinions well. Students this year would like to see more of their ideas implemented in the pep rallies.

“[I want] more videos and skits,” junior Michael Payne said. “Everyone loves them.”

This is something that Brill and Contreras agree with but highlights something that is much more important to them.

“Again, we just want to make pep rallies more than a show,” said Brill. “They were a show last year. This year we’re gonna bring everyone in. We’re talking about screaming freshmen, jumping seniors, and pumped up teachers.”

This new mission to involve everyone takes precedence over any crazy events, according to the seniors. The main idea is getting everyone excited for our games.

As Strake week quickly approaches, big plans are underway. While Brill and Contreras are excited for what is in store, they did not reveal too much. “Get your umbrellas,” Brill said. “ ‘Cause it’s gonna get wet.”