Freshmen, seniors continue fish week traditions


by Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

As the last days of summer merged into the beginning of a new school year, many students were filled with emotions such as anxiety, eagerness and that “why are we the only ones in school right now” feeling.

Freshmen were nervous about their new beginning, and seniors were excited for the beginning of the end of their STH career.

As tradition goes, both classes were able to take their focuses off of their studies for a week and focus in on the bonding of seniors and freshman through Fish Week.

Fish Week has long been a tradition at the school.

The idea is to initiate the freshman class into the brotherhood and camaraderie that has forever been firmly grounded as a staple of our St. Thomas community.

This is accomplished through Senior- Fish meetings, games, lunches, and the infamous Dress-Up-Your-Fish day.

Fish week began last Monday with after school meetings.

The Fish were handed their propeller-topped, red STH beanies which would be found nowhere else but on each of their heads throughout the duration of the week.

On Tuesday morning seniors and fish received their assigned other and met in a mosh pit of a senior hallway before heading down to Cemo Auditorium.

Fish Week 2012 from The Eagle on Vimeo.

Once in Cemo, they were treated to a prayer service by Rev. Father Murphy C.S.B. Following the service was the classic David and Goliath skit performed by seniors Nick Lednicky, Alex Snyder, Daniel Clay, .

Through this skit, fish learned that although they are young and inexperienced, they can solve any problem at hand. Mass was followed by breakfast in the courtyard where seniors and fish learned more about each other.

Somehow, the breakfast transformed into a spontaneous and heated break dance circle, but this only added to the fun.

As the week went on, the hallways were filled with spinning propellers. Most freshmen would not be caught dead without their beanie because of the threat of being harassed by upperclassmen.

“Everyone needs to stop asking where my beanie is, ” junior Rawlings Elam said. “Seriously, I’m a junior,”

Seniors such as Ryan Montgomery quickly learned that the classic beanie neck popping that they recalled enduring as fish would no longer be tolerated.

“Fish Week isn’t what it used to be,” senior Tommy Kherker said. “Kids these days are way too sheltered by what is arguably ‘politically correct’.”

Tuesday and Wednesday lunches were ended with the usual Fish Week games and competitions such as the Pie Eating contest, the Oreo challenge and the Frozen T-shirt dress up.

Thursday morning came and Dress-Up-Your-Fish Day was here.

Seniors were ready to dress their Fish in humorous and well-thought-out costumes. From senior Andrew Layden’s Mr. Kral to senior Brett Alsop’s pink Power Ranger, there was no lack of creativity.

Blaring music could be heard from classrooms down the hall from fish such as Payson William’s Deadmau5.

Seniors without a creative idea, such as freshman Will Hopkins who dressed his fish as Jesus Christ carrying a ten foot cross, chose the popular but risky option to make their fish as uncomfortable as possible.

Friday brought the end of Fish week with a school-wide dress down day. The seniors and fish shared their last lunch together with a game of water balloon toss and water pong.

Fish Week 2012 closed leaving seniors and freshmen with lasting memories and a better understanding of what St. Thomas is all about.

The spirit and enthusiasm displayed will be carried on throughout the school year.