Tablets need to be utilized properly


Staff Editorial

In the technological world that we live in, the temptation to use technology for bad is ever present. With the installation of the tablets into the school community, this temptation is more relevant to us than ever.

The purpose of these tablets is to aid learning and to prepare students for the skills that they need to have in the technological world that we live in. The use of games on a tablet is not what these tablets were intended for.

Games distract and preoccupy students from what matters most, learning. Parents do not pay thousands of dollars so you can win all eight badges on Pokemon; they pay for preparation for college.

Not only is it economically wasteful, games are also not allowed by the responsible use policy that all students have signed. Teachers give a detention per game that is on the tablet.

One attribute of our motto is knowledge, and so as true men of St. Thomas, our tablets must be used for the pursuit of knowledge.

Next time you think about battling trainer Misty for the water badge, think about the money you are wasting, the potential consequences and how it does not fit in with our school motto.