Technology improves learning environment


by William Rose
Eagle Staff

School is back in session and we have something new in class. The new tablets have already made a big difference in the lives of students. Many students are talking about how it is easier to carry and they now do not need to go to their lockers as much. This decreases the amount of tardiness to class and increases time spent in the classroom.

Teachers have also expressed their appreciation for the tablets since they can interact more with students and help them better understand lessons. The tablets are going to benefit the academic programs this year and will have a positive impact on students’ grades.

Many students worry about how many trips they need to make to their locker. The e-books that are available to students have revolutionized the way we complete our homework and perform in-class activities. Since the books are online, backpacks have become lighter and there is less hassle getting to and from class with a loaded backpack.

Our parents are paying a good sum of money to send us to the best school in Houston, and having students use the latest technology assures parents that they are getting their money’s worth.

The administration worked hard on implementing this new tablet program, and they are doing a great job ensuring a smooth transition.

There are some issues with the tablets, but they are quickly being debugged.

One program that has helped many students is the “Socrative Student” application. This application allows a teacher to ask the entire class questions over the Internet, and the responses are put into a graph. The collective information learning style of this program allows for a broader spectrum of ideas for students to grasp.

The tablet is not completely replacing the use of pen and paper during class, but sometimes that does not do the job if you need to record a long and dull lecture that might have key themes and notes.

A useful program that comes pre-installed on the Asus Tablet is “Super Note.” Students can draw illustrations, record lectures and type anything that the teacher might put up on the board.

Before tablets, everything had to be quickly recorded by hand, and if the teacher was going very quickly, then the student might miss something.

The tablet eliminates this possibility and does not send the student into a panic when he is studying the night before a test and does not have all the notes he needs. If he recorded the lecture, he could simply watch the recorded video and obtain the information that he is missing.

St. Thomas has been changing the way students learn and achieve their goals for over one hundred years. This is the next step in revolutionizing modern academics.

With the new tablet program in place, STH has greatly improved its ability to produce the best and brightest America will encounter. The “Age of the Tablet” is ushering our school into the 21st century.