Top tablet apps


Go Launcher EX

If you don’t like how the basic layout for your tablet looks, Go Launcher EX is for you. Go Launcher changes everything about your tablet, from home screen, to transitions between applications, to even screen locks. Currently, it is free, but with it’s recent popularity it may become pay-to-download, so hurry up and get it. You can change your backgrounds to unique themes that you can only find if you have Go Launcher. It also has custom transitions between pages for your apps such as a square and a ball. Finally, it changes the symbols for a lot of the stock applications that come on your tablet. Basically, it’s a complete overhaul of your tablet


If you use your tablet for lots of notes and reminders, you have to get Evernote. Evernote is an amazing app that revolutionizes note-taking, among many other things. It uses a cloud-based network so that you can sync notes from your tablet to your phone to even your computer. It also lets you search for text throughout pictures that you have taken of whiteboards or powerpoint projects. It also keeps track of everything you could imagine, from grocery shopping lists to plane tickets. Even the renowned Nick Lednicky uses it, and if he does, so should you.

Google Currents

There are many reader apps in the Android Play Store, some which read books like the Kindle, others that read other documents such as comics and pdf’s. Google Currents, however, is a bit different. It is a totally free application that lets you search for and find your favorite magazines, like Forbes, Popular Science, and Game Informer. Once you add these magazines to your library, you can read through their latest information, which Google Currents pulls from various editions of the magazine and from the website. You can also add news websites such as Kotaku and VICE. If you are someone who is looking for something to occupy your unused time, Google Currents is for you.

Babel Rising 3D

Babel Rising 3D is a game based around your actions. Mainly, your actions as a violent god that strikes down the workers who are attempting to build the tower of Babel. Through the use of various powers, you can prevent the builders from walking up the spiraling path and laying down more brickwork to complete the tower. Your powers consist of the four elements, which are fire, water, stone, and air. Each element has it’s own unique effects on the builders, such as water washing them down the path, and stone creating huge boulders that drop. There are also more advanced units, such as the priest, that are immune to certain powers, such as fire. All-in-all, it is a very fun game that lets you teach the builders of the tower of Babel a lesson or two.