Welcoming Storey back as president


Staff Editorial

Our new President Rev. Kevin Storey, C.S.B., has begun his tenure with a sincere effort to learn the community and make his face known to all throughout the school.

One way he has done so is through the Breakfast with the President program, meetings with parents who want to learn more about the school and about Storey’s role as president. Likewise the breakfasts have given Storey the opportunity to connect with parents new and old at the beginning of the school year.

We applaud Storey for his efforts to connect with the school constituencies. After all, part of the president’s job is to represent and lead STH, and only with knowledge of the community can someone truly accomplish everything else that makes up the president’s job.

We welcome back Storey to the halls of STH and look forward to seeing the great things he will accomplish in his years as president.