Decision to shorten Fall Olympics not prudent


For years, Fall Olympics has been a time to relax and partake in some friendly competition. Its placement in late September / early October has been excellent in offering students a break from the exhausting grind of everyday life. Its typical timing at the end of the first quarter was particularly positive. This year, Fall Olympics was hastily shortened to a half-day event.

Previously, it had been an all day event with organized games, teams and detailed points systems. The result was been a day filled with camaraderie and community, a chance to actualize the brotherhood that makes our school what it is.

In turning the event into a confusing and cluttered two-hour scramble, Fall Olympics was no longer about its unique mission: to build community at St. Thomas. It felt perfunctory, dare we say better off cancelled than held at all.

Explaining the rationale – even in a morning announcement – would have partially helped students to better understand the shortened schedule. Instead of stopping for a second to explain, the decision left students surprised and confused.

As students that work hard to represent the school well, we expected and deserved more from Fall Olympics. If we are willing to work hard enough to put the event on, then it should have its full, regular schedule.

We are immensely disappointed in the decision.