Fall S.L.A.B. Watch


by Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

With around half of the school community driving to school, many students are found to take pride in and express themselves through their respective rides. Automobiles in the garage to the lot range in size, type, color and price; however, each student and each ride has its own advantages and memories behind it.

This is the 2012 Fall S.L.A.B. Watch.

First on the list is Junior Carrera’s 2012 BMW 528i.

Carrera’s whip is arguably the nicest car on campus. The glossy white exterior keeps the car cool and classy, while the burgundy interior just reeks of rich mahogany and leather bound books.

After school, Carrera is able to make it out of school just 6.2 seconds past 3:10 at 60 mph (based on specs, not that he actually does this). Carrera recently traded in his Harley Davidson Ford F250 for the beamer.

“The truck was nice and all,” Carrera said. “but being in this hip/hop game, I need a ride to put others to shame.”

Next we have Alex “Wandy” Hale’s 2008 Ford F150.

While many students drive pick-up trucks to school, Hale’s truck is unique. It is rare to see it in between the car wash and the mudding grounds.

Rumor has it, his F150 is ideal for trekking up hills despite large amounts of liquid in the bed.

“I have a pretty sweet truck, but I’ve never been hunting in my life,” Hale said. “The lift kit helps me get over the speed bumps at River Oaks Country Club.”

The truck is complete with his XD Rockstar series rims.

A classic car seen on the lot is Devin Bear’s 1994 Ford Bronco 4×4.

This classic car that has been out of production since 1996, Bear’s Ford Bronco features a long legacy with it.

“Everyone knows which car is mine in the lot because it has been passed down twice through my older brothers,” Bear. said

“I inherited it on my sixteenth with lots of miles, but it also had many perks such as body and suspension lift and tires.”

The thing runs like new despite many miles. Bear is no stranger to the mud either, but he just makes sure to get a car wash afterwards.

Call him if you are ever stuck in a rut, and he’ll be happy to come pull you out.

A junior whose vehicle was drawn much attention by students is Jonathan Wall’s 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Wall’s white Jeep Wrangler can be seen pulling into the garage at 7:30 whilst blaring a mainstream, overplayed country song.  He shares the Jeep with his younger sister.

“I like sharing my car because she’s paying for the next addition: subwoofers,” said Wall. “All my friends love my car, and we’ve had some great memories in it.”