Rain Dampers Annual Walk-a-Thon


by Graham Quinn
Eagle Staff

Students came to school on Wednesday, Sept. 12 dressed in shorts and ready to walk. Classes seemed to drag on forever as students focused not on their teachers but on the excitement ahead.

As the day slowly chugged on, anticipation spread as students anxiously waited.

However, just minutes before the event was to commence, rain clouds rolled in and opened up, cancelling the school’s 16th annual Walk-a-thon fundraiser.

The event, which is held in September each year, is intended to raise money for Student Council to sponsor various student activities throughout the school year.

The funding for prom, catered lunches, Fall Olympics and almost every other student activity is financed through Walk-a-thon. Last year, Student Council raised around $40,000 from the event.

“Walk-a-thon is by far the most important event that Student Council holds each year,” senior and student body President Greg Hoffman said. “Without it, almost none of the events we sponsor would be possible.”

Students rack up donations in three categories: silver, gold, and platinum. By donating money, students receive incentives, from a free lunch to a free ticket to the Homecoming dance.

Students who bring in $25 are in the silver category. They receive minor incentives, such as a movie on the field and laser tag.

Those who donate $50 fall into the gold category. They get everything the silver group has, plus larger events, such as a trip to Sky High and paintball.

Then comes the coveted platinum level, who donate $100. They get everything the gold and silver groups get, plus the largest events, like going to Schlitterbahn and a free ticket to the Homecoming dance.

Students were encouraged to donate as much as possible. Signs were posted around the school throughout asking students to donate $100 and go platinum, because “Scott Disick did.”

Students who donated money early got to dress down on Monday and Tuesday. This motivation to bring in money really helped to push students to get on the ball and raise as much money as possible.

“It’s a shame that we had to cancel such a fun event,” Hoffman said. “But students will still receive the events they paid for, which is what Walk-a-thon is really all about.”

Donors, however, did not go unrewarded.

A plethora of different ice cream and Gatorade flavors were available at no cost to the soaked students, who had to run through the rain to get their treats. Would-be participants were then dismissed early.

“We still completed the most important goal of Walk-a-thon,” Hoffman said.