Student Carpools Become Necessity for Many


by Alec Burns
Eagle Staff

For some students, getting to school is a bigger commitment than others.

For the students living outside of the loop, carpools play a big role in getting to school on time and efficiently.

There are a few factors that make carpools desirable.

The time it takes to get to the school can be a real burden on the parents.

Gas prices are at only rising. Unfortunately carpools have become a necessity for some families.

Living so far away, students become agitated with the amount of time needed to get to and from school. It also takes its toll in the classroom.

“It’s hard to stay awake in class when you have a long commute and it isn’t even in lacrosse season yet,” junior Josh Mitford said. “It’s an early wake up call.”

Along with this, there is always the constant threat of having to switch schools.

“All the time I consider going to The Woodlands High School,” Mitford said, “It’s really hard because we live so far away, it’s a commitment to say the least.”

Some students who drive in from as far as Magnolia have a good 45 miles to get to campus.

Carpools are obviously a huge benefactor for these people. Many would agree that waking up at 5:30 every day is a commitment in itself.

Fortunately there are alternate ways to get to school, the most obvious being the public transportation system.

However, taking a bus is unpredictable to say the least.

For underclassmen, the trip to school is especially hard for the parents. Many have to go out of their way just to drop the students off in the morning at school, and then repeat the process the next day.

“(For me) it’s not much of a hassle,” junior Jose Garces said, “It’s more of a problem for my parents.”

In all, living a considerable distance away makes it a challenge to get to St. Thomas. With the price of gas being where it is, it is a smart economic choice to ride in a carpool. They are also not that bad as they are cut out to be.

As Mitford puts it, “I actually like driving in a carpool, it wakes me up in the morning and it keeps things entertaining.”