Student Council Brings Changes to Fall Olympics


by Nick Lednicky
Eagle Editorial Board

On Friday, Sep. 28, the next annual Fall Olympics will be held by Student Council.

This event, which is counted among one of the best days of the school year by many students, is a fun-filled day of various activities, both athletic and electronic.

The most notable of these activities include a Madden tournament held in Cemo Auditorium, team volleyball held on the baseball field and an all-day ping pong tournament held in the Cafeteria.

“I’m really excited for another Fall Olympics,” senior Blake Moss said. “It’s probably my favorite day of the fall semester.”

This year, the Fall Olympics will have several additions, as well as variations to make some activities even more popular.

One of the biggest changes to this year’s Fall Olympics is the elimination of the football tournament. Since the inception of the Fall Olympics, the football tournament has been a staple of the day.

However, this year Student Council decided to replace the football tournament with a less injury-prone kickball tournament.

For the past several years, players on the football team have not been allowed to participate in most of the events of the day, due to the high risk of being injured.

Also, football has always been a disorganized mess of a tournament lacking the necessary time and a difficulty enforcing the rules of the game.

“It sounds kind of corny,” senior Hunter Pallasch said, “but Fall Olympics has always been a sort of bonding experience for the student body.”

A more notable variation to this year’s Fall Olympics will be the addition of a service aspect.

One homeroom from each grade level teams up with three other homerooms from the other three grade levels, with each four-homeroom team representing a country.

For example, one freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior homeroom will all represent the same country, say Portugal.

This year, each country chosen will be a third-world country. Every homeroom will be asked to raise at least $25, and the school will pool all of the raised money.

After the winning homerooms are announced, all of the money that the school raised will go to a charity in the country they represented.

“The Student Council board saw a real opportunity in this year’s Fall Olympics,” senior student body President Greg Hoffman said, “to add a service aspect to a day that’s filled with fun.”

Another new activity this year is a 4 way tug of war, which will be held on the field towards the end of the day. Representatives from each class will battle it out and determine which class is the strongest.

This year’s Fall Olympics promises to be yet another day filled with friendly competition that helps foster a brotherhood in the community. The addition of the service aspect makes the events even more enjoyable, since the student body will know that they are having fun and, at the same time, contributing to society.

“I am so pumped,” senior Connor Hicks said.