Homecoming an Evening to Remember for Majority


by Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

Homecoming is a great time for the football team and fellow students. After the away game at St. Pius X, the Eagles’ football team returns home to face Tomball Concordia Lutheran. To celebrate this returning to the home field, the game will be celebrated as the students will bring dates to the game.

Tomorrow, student council will host a dance in which all students are invited to bring dates.

Tonight’s game will be an exciting prelude to the Saturday dance. The Eagles are favored over the Concordia Lutheran Crusaders and students can look forward to a high scoring game. The dance on Saturday will begin at 9:00 P.M. with lock-in beginning at 9:30. Many students will likely treat their date to a formal dinner before the dance.

Not every student goes to Homecoming. This year many juniors and seniors are instead heading to Austin for Austin City Limits, a music festival featuring many popular artists.

“Saturday is my birthday and I decided to instead take my date, Molly, to ACL,”  junior Anthony Stephenson said.

Some students may have procrastinated on finding date or simply decided to spend their weekend elsewhere. However, according to a student survey two- thirds of the student body will be in attendance for the dance.

This year’s homecoming dance will be exciting. DJ Eamon Eaves will handle the music. Our own DJ Gaudi, senior Nick Gaudiano, will not be working at the dance, but those who went last year may remember his surprise appearance on stage.

“I wanted to enjoy my last Homecoming dance with my girlfriend,” Gaudiano said. “I can’t say the music will be as good, but it will definitely be a great night.”

The budget for this year’s homecoming is consistent with previous years, so students who have been to the dance can expect similar decorations and accommodations that come together for the dance. Freshman and those attending for the first time will learn that dancing all night can be taxing.

The Mothers’ Club will have a dessert and punch bar in Mary Moody, and the courtyard will be open for a break from the dance floor.

Every year, precautionary measures are taken to make sure that all students behave themselves. Typically, students entering the dance are subject to a random breathalyzer test or pat down. Students are prompted to take a ping-pong ball out of a bag which will determine if they will be checked for contraband.

Another measure taken this year will be the enforcement of a rule against students taking chartered party buses or limousines to the dance.

This was frustrating to many students who had been accustomed to having a chauffeur in previous years and all those who had already scheduled for a driver.

According to the student survey taken before the announcement that there would be no party buses or limos, about 45% of students had hired a driver to chauffeur them and their date.

“It’s a huge inconvenience to those going in large groups and there is going to be a lot of traffic [getting into the dance],” freshman George Michael said.

The rule has, however, been a part of the handbook for many years. Under the “Dances” clause, the Student-Parent Handbook clearly states “the use of chartered buses for any dance is forbidden.” Much like the changes to the dress code, it is a matter of enforcement of the rules rather than any change or crackdown.

Another issue that was addressed is the appropriateness of the girls’ dresses. Girls whose dresses are backless or do not fall to the knee will not be allowed to enter the dance.

“Girls aren’t trying to dress provocatively just because their dress is not to their knee,”  senior Tommy Kherker said. “Really, that is just the style. We’re not in the 1800s.”

The dress code was set by the Arch Diocese of Galveston-Houston, the diocese that St. Thomas and all sister schools reside under.

From the survey taken, around 70% of students are going to some sort of party after the dance. This percentage rises almost exponentially among grade levels, and of seniors surveyed, 100% answered that they are going to an after party.

After parties are a great way to relax with your friends and dates following a long night. When appropriate and supervised, after-parties can be a great supplementary event to complete the weekend.

This year’s Homecoming game and dance will be a weekend of memories. Students must make sure they act as Men of St. Thomas throughout the weekend and treat their dates with due respect. Student Council has worked very hard to provide a special night for the entire student body.