iPhone 5 Reviewed


by Sam Milholin
Eagle Editorial Board

Coming with a new set of unique features, the iPhone 5 is sure to make any phone enthusiast giddy.

While there are many new features, there are also many complaints about how it is the same phone re-packaged into a slightly different case.

These complaints seem to be coming up more and more with each new iPhone, with many uses comparing it to the Call of Duty series, which are infamous for being the same game released with a new name. However, there are slight differences between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5.

One of the more obvious differences is the case. The new iPhone 5 case is 18% thinner, 20% lighter and has 12% less volume. In addition, it is longer than the iPhone 4, which may cause problems with pants that have smaller pockets. It also has a 4-inch retina display, which means more screen to look at and more touch area.

This is nice for those who have both big, truly making it a phone for everyone. But a bigger screen also causes more problems.

Apples claims the new dimensions do not make the phone any harder to use  with one hand than past models.

However, users have been finding that it is difficult to reach the lock button and anything in the upper left corner of the phone. It seems that while more screen is nice, there is just a bit too much screen to effectively reach all areas of the phone with one hand.

Previous iPhone users have actually enjoyed the weighty feel of their phone, saying it made it feel like a real phone. With the new iPhone being 20% lighter, there is an obvious difference between the new and the old. The new iPhone feels much lighter than the old, causing it to seem much less substantial. Thus, people who have held the new iPhone complain about it being “too light,” so much that it feels more like a toy instead of a phone.

Senior Alex Kemple recently picked up his own iPhone 5, providing insight into what is good and bad about it.

“I like that it’s fast. I had the 4S, and the 5 is considerably faster than that. I also like the new screen size,” Kemple said.

He agrees with both other iPhone users who are raving about a powerful A6 chip.

However, Kemple does not like everything about the phone.

“I hate the fact that the headphone port is on the bottom, it makes connecting to my sound-system a pain in the neck. Another thing I hate is the new port, because all of my old accessories don’t work now.”

The new port, along with other aspects of the iPhone 5 are some of the permanent problems that customers are having issues with.

Kemple, along with many others, have found that the new iPhone 5 has many new cool features, but also comes with a plethora of problems. Some of these problems, such as Apple Maps, can be fixed in the long run. Other problems, however, can not be fixed such as the new port.

The new port is another new feature that Apple has announced.

Some stores that primarily sell Apple products will now have a harder time selling old Apple hardware due to the change.

Overall, the new iPhone 5 may have some issues, but it is well worth it for only $200.